Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Word Work

I found a link party on Mrs. Patton's Patch and thought I'd send over my ideas I use in my classroom.  So, here goes:

Top 5 ways I like to incorporate Word Work into my Kinder classroom:

I use cheap magnet letters and an extra metal shelf I had laying around in my classroom- the kids spell our spelling or sightwords for the week on them during centers.

I use a blending board at the teacher center during our morning literacy centers.  A teaching friend of mine- her husband made this for me.  It's simply a piece of wood with 2 notches router-ed out... one for the letter cards to sit in, and one for the piece of plexi-glass to sit in.  Works GREAT! :)  
Thank you, Mr. Handyman!! :)
The kids touch the letters as we say the sound, and then run their finger along the entire length of the board to blend the sounds together to read the word.

I use a miniature pocket chart and letter tiles to let the kids spell words during literacy centers.  This week: find a picture of your friend and spell their name using correct capitalization.

Got this handy-dandy printable from KindergartenWorks.  I'm loving this blog, and this playdough idea for my literacy center.  Thanks KindergartenWorks!!

Finally, I use these mesh sheets for my kids to write our spelling or sightwords on.  This creates a bumpy texture for the kids to feel their words once they write them.  I got these at a teacher store, but you can certainly use those plastic cross-stitch sheets too!

So, there it is... 5 of the ways we do word work in my classroom! :)  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Staci! Great post to add to the link party.
    - Leslie


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