Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An award!

No, I didn't win a Grammy- I know, I know, you're surprised.  I should have won a Grammy... but maybe next year.  (haha!)  But, I did win this sweet little award:

Thanks to Steph from Be a Nut with Mrs. McNutt for giving me a new award!!  Be sure to check our her cutie blog!  :)

Here's the scoop:

Thank the blogger who gave the award to you... Thanks Steph- her blog link is above! :)
Put the award on your blog... see above :)
Pick 5 blogs to share the award with.  (remember the less than 200 followers rule!!)

So here's my picks:  (and sorry if you've already gotten the award- that just means you are twice as awesome! :)

Cathy at Sunshine and Happiness in First Grade  (I met Cathy at our blogger meet-up and she's one awesome chick.  We had fun at the after party... eh, I mean The Container Store.)  :)

Hilary at Our Art Santuary (She's our art teacher at school, and I just love her! )

Lisa at Stories from Second  (Another teacher from our blogger meet-up, but I wasn't able to meet her.  She has great ideas and a cutie blog!!!!  She just barely made the cut off for this award- 198 followers, way to go Lisa!)

Stacy from Off 2 Kindergarten (Another blogger from the meet-up!  I love her blubber tub idea!!!!)

Ashley from Teaching in the Net  (She say with us at the blogger meet-up, and hadn't started a blog before coming.  She now has a blog!  Go celebrate her new blog by following her!!)

So, thanks again, Steph!!

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  1. I'm bummed I missed the blogger meet-up! Maybe next time!


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