Monday, September 16, 2013


Ugh!  It's been too long since I've blogged.  But, I must tell you... I have excuses... and GOOD ones!  ha :)  Here they are:

1.  My baby is growing up too fast, so I took some blogging time off to enjoy her.  She's a whopping 8 months old now, and I just don't know where the time goes.  I know everyone says that, but for real.  FOR REAL?!?!?!

2.  I moved classrooms.  I packed everything up.  Moved it all to my new room, which I love!  The actual chore of packing up, moving, and unpacking made me seriously evaluate what I use and don't use in my classroom.  That was eye opening!  I had shelves of materials I never touched.  It was nice to purge and organize.  :)

3.  After moving said classroom, I ended up getting a new job.  AT A NEW SCHOOL!  I can't tell you how many emotions I felt after being offered and accepting my new job.  It's at the school my kids go to and the school I went to as a child.  I love my old school.  I miss my old school.  I miss the staff.  I miss the students.  I miss it all.  BUT nothing... NOTHING compares to being "home." I get to be with my son.  I am physically closer to this school... which means less travel time and more time spent being productive.  I love the new staff.  I love my new students.  I love my new school!!!

So- there you have it- my excuses for being MIA from the blog lately.

Now, I must tell you- the new job means a new direction for my blog.  I used to teach Kinder.  Now, I teach 3rd grade reading, 2nd grade reading, K-6 math remediation, and PreSchool.

Go ahead, reread it and I'll tell you- yes, you read it right.  I have about 4 hats, and I love them all!  It keeps me busy, but when you are busy, time flies!  So- stay tuned... there should be something for everyone on the blog!  math?  reading?  preschool?  It'll be a hodge podge!  So, come along as I start my new journey.

Cheers to a great year! :)

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