Saturday, October 5, 2013

3 digit subtraction scavenger hunt!

One of my new jobs at my new school is math remediation for grades K-6.  I had a couple of kids who were struggling with 3 digit subtraction.  So, I sent them on a scavenger hunt... a 3 digit subtraction scavenger hunt! 

I gave them Clue #1.  It had a 3 digit subtraction problem on it.  The answer to the problem was a room number of where they could find the next clue.

(Yes, they are using socks to wipe of their dry erase boards.  I HATE all the left over socks I have at my house when doing laundry... so instead of the pile staring at me, I take them to school and we use them as dry erase board erasers.  They think it's hysterical to use my kids socks!)
 I wrote the room number on the front of my clues so I knew where to place them when setting up. 

Hopefully you can plan a scavenger hunt for some of your struggling students.  I think this could work for any math problems- addition, subtraction, mulitiplication, and division- just make the answer your next clue destination!

Good luck and have fun hunting!

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