Friday, October 14, 2016

5 senses wind sock

Hey all!  Let's talk about science.  Science is one of my favorite things to teach.  It's so hands-on, and the kids are always so highly engaged in what we are learning.  They LOVE this stuff!!  At the beginning of school we talked about how we experience the world around us with...

OUR 5 senses!

We went on a nature walk and recorded all that we heard, saw, smelled, and felt.  (No we didn't eat any nature!) ;)

We also did some blind taste tests to see if they could use their sense of taste to figure out what they were eating: (potato chip, lemon juice, marshmallow, and pineapple)

To wrap up our 5 senses week, we made these wind socks.

We wrote "OBSERVE" on our sock, and then, of course, the senses too.  We illustrated what body part we use when we experience those senses.  We glued crepe paper to the bottom so we could "see the wind" when it blew through our wind sock.

The kids LOVED these simple little creations.  My own son is in 1st grade this year and proudly displayed it to daddy when we got home that evening.  It was super simple, and a super big hit with the kids.  I hope your classroom has the same reaction! :)

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