Monday, November 28, 2011


Yuck- it's that time of year again... germs are in full swing!

So, to equip my Kinders with the tools they need to stay healthy, I intentionally plan a germs unit in science class around this time every year.  (that was a long sentence, but I don't think it's a run-on, I checked...but I do teach Kinder, so I may be a bit rusty- don't correct me, I don't like it when I'm wrong)  :)

Anyway, so here it is:  and it's yours if you want it:

This is mine, from when I was in Kindergarten... I got the idea from looking at the box of things my dear momma kept that I made as a tot.

Here's what I made:

Click HERE to get your downloadable copy.

All you have to do is have them trace their hand, cut it out, and then YOU staple the tissue and hand to the face.Publish Post

You can comment below with your e-mail address if you want the .doc version so you can add your own little touch.

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