Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just go with it...

So, as I was picking out my non-fiction books for this week, I came across a cute book about deer.  With hunting season in full swing, I just knew some of my boys would just love this book- so I checked it out!  With my 10 books in tow from the library to the car, I about dropped all my books when I remembered that I had a set of deer antlers in my classroom.

Side note- we had taken a trip to a local petting zoo where they have deer.  I was talking to a parent about the antlers and how cool it would be to have a pair in my classroom when a guide asked me if I wanted a set... umm... let me think for a second... YES PLEASE!

Anyway, I was so excited I about dropped my bag of books- luckily no one was in the parking lot with me except for my 2 year old and 4 year old, and they don't notice when I get excited because I do it quite frequently :)  It's old hat to them anymore!:)

So, I threw out one of my lessons for the following day to embrace what had become a teachable moment with my non-fiction book.  Here's the pictures to tell the story:

We talked about how boy deer use their antlers to fight other boy deer.  *Don't worry, I use 2 very calm, well-behaved boys to do the demo...  no eyes were poked out during this dramatic interpretation.

Then we passed the antlers around.  We even noticed that one of the antlers still had fur on it!  soft :)

So, embrace your teachable moments and just go with it!

I'm hungry for some comments, so here's my question to you:

What was your best teachable moment that wasn't planned??
(I guess all teachable moments aren't really planned, now are they????)

anyway, please share! :)

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