Monday, January 23, 2012

Name Tags

I really do not like name plates.  My kids always pick at the tape and they end up looking pretty messy.  Sometimes I just don't use them... but I think it's important for kids (at this age) to see their name.  The more exposure, the better they are.  It also helps with letter formation, they get to see how their name is printed properly

Anyway, here's my solution...  Name STICKS.  I asked my local Wal-Mart if they would donate 20 paint sticks.  My kids painted them whatever color they wanted to paint them...

And then I used a black sharpie to write their names on them.  No taping, no picking, no peeling, no hassel.

I DID have to set a few guidelines down first...
- no hitting
- no slapping
- no tapping

But, it does give the kids a "fidget" to use if they are getting antsy.  They can hold and squeeze their name stick as long as it's not disrupting a neighbor.

So, there you have it- my way of solving the annoying peeling name plates.
And, my kids are doing a pretty good job of managing their name sticks.

You could even take them with you to library.  The kids could put their stick in the spot where a book was if they want to look at the book- that way they know where the book goes if they don't want the book afterall. 

So- what do you do for labeling your students' desks??


  1. I use name plates that I laminate, but instead of taping them, I use velcro sticky dots on the back. There's not really anything for the kids to pick at and I can easily move where they sit :)
    Mrs. Plant's Press

  2. Sometimes we do have to get creative, huh? :) I laminate my nametags and loop the tape underneath so kids can't get at it.

    Forever in First


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