Friday, March 9, 2012

Looking for a Leprechaun

I just finished an activity with my class that is soon becoming my MOST FAVORITE activity I do with my Kinders.  I won a giveaway from the amazing Reagan that included her Looking for a Leprechaun activity (available on her TPT store-click the link to visit it!).  Ah-May-Zing!!!!  My Kinders were so engaged, excited, enthusiastic, and just plain awesome for this whole activity.  The best part of this activity?  It's FUN but also academic- there are task cards at each clue and the students have to finish the task before going to the next clue... things like Find the vowels, match rhyming words, addition problems, time, money, etc.  AND it's only $3 on her TPT store- it will be the best $3 you ever spend.

 I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Message on the board when the kids came in my room:
Little green glitter footprints ALL OVER my classroom!

The little leprechaun even walked ON MY DESK!  (The kids couldn't believe this!  How dare he?!)

I teach at a private Catholic school... hence the religious statues :)

The leprechaun left rhyming riddles for the kids to use as they made their way through the school to find activities and the next clue.  BUT, we had to be QUIET so the leprechaun couldn't hear us coming!!!!  The leprechaun also surprised each of the participating teachers with a Shamrock Shake from McDs.  (Yes, I got weird looks when I pulled up to the drive-thru and ordered 12 shakes at 7:00 in the morning...  I told them I was sorry, that I'm a teacher and they were for school and they offered them to me for 1/2 off!!  JACKPOT- that was MY pot of gold!!)

I let my cadet teacher take them on the scavenger hunt while me and another teacher GRAFFITI -ed  the WHOLE classroom.... (the bag of Lucky Charms was for one of the activities... they had to sort the charms and tell which group they had the most of...)
After getting back to the classroom, we compiled all the activity pages they gathered from throughout the hunt into a book.  They got to glue one of the footprints on it too- as a keepsake :)
We went all out- gold streamers... golden raisins and rainbow marshmallows were on their tables when they got back... gold balloons EVERYWHERE... gold stars and glitter sprinkled on the floor around the pot of gold...  (the janitors are amazing here... I apologized for my mess, and the student janitor said "hey, that's my job- you just keep doing a great job teaching!"  They are AWESOME.)
Pot of gold treasures... necklaces, bracelets, bouncy balls, eraser toppers, etc.
Here were my poems I used:

Let’s start your search,
The search will feature...
Me and my green foot prints.
Find me with the other Kinder teacher!

Not fast enough,
I’ve already vanished.
Try to catch me
Where you learn Spanish!

Opps, I’ve left again.
In school you should study
But for now try to find me.
I’m visiting your big kid buddies!

Shucks!  You just missed me!
This time you should try....
To find me Where
they do science in Jr. High!

Ah man, so close!
I just can’t be beat!
Now see if you can catch me
Where you go to eat!

You can’t catch me.
I’ve been fast from the start.
Try to catch me now...
In the room where you make art!

You’re getting closer,
I’ll take a break in the shade.
So you might catch me
In the first grade!

You’re quick, but I’m quicker!
Say, what is your age
You can tell me,
If you find me on the stage!

Darn, that was a close one!
Am I a her or a him?
You might find out...
In the place you do gym!

You’re back at the start.
But I had to run.
I left my pot of treasures
For you to have fun.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

So- THANK YOU Reagan for this awesome activity.  (Feel free to add my poems to your packet if you want them, I don't mind!  But as you can tell- I'm no Dr. Seuss!!!) Her packet includes:  task cards, clue signs, footprints, and instructions on how to set it up.

My question to you:  How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in your classroom?


  1. That would be fun! I remember doing something like this for the gingerbread man when I was in elementary school.

    I've seen teachers have kiddos make traps, have footprints, even taken doll clothes and flung them everywhere to look like leprechaun clothes lol.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. I totally have that from her!! I can't wait to use it :)
    The Teacher’s Cauldron

  3. ah!!! I am SO excited that you loved it and that it all worked out!!! Thanks for adding your poems! You are a great Dr. Seuss! :) You just made my weekend!!! Thanks so much.

  4. I want to be in your class!!!! SOOOOOO fun!
    I used to do stuff like that and then I started teaching at a year round school and I was off every March.
    Now I have to get back into this (if the Curriculum Cops don't care).
    Love that you got half off the shakes!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. So much fun! I would have enjoyed school a bit more with activities like this one.

  6. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated your beautiful blog for an award! Please visit my blog to see the post!

  7. Thanks for being my 100th follower! I was hoping to break out of the 2 digits today! LOL!

    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  8. LOVE this activity! The kids must have been soooo excited! I'm your newest follower! :) Are you on Pinterest?
    Ruth S.

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  10. Love your site too! I am now following you also & I love the poem!!



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