Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Literacy Centers and Currently!

Freebie alert!! I've just posted my Literacy Center tags on my TPT and TN stores FOR FREE. Check them out- and let me know if you can use them! They are made with clipart from my good friend Hilary at Mrs. Carvitti's Clippings.

 DONE!  My 2nd literacy center pack.  Here's what you get:

House:  Students are asked to read a story to a baby doll and then fill out the reader response paper:
 Letter Tiles:  March words!

 Playdough:  Short e words.  Comes with record sheet (not shown here.)
 Poetry:  Baa Baa Black Sheep

 Teacher center:  Vowel recognition.  Students are supposed to sort the words into vowel groups.

 Writing prompt:  My kite....

You can get it for $5 (OR... if you're looking to get something for free... the teacher center using work with vowels and the writing prompt are FREE) at
Kindergarten - Visual Arts, Reading Strategies, General Science -


And now for my Currently!  I love Farley's blog, her currently's, and her style.  I won a giveaway from Reagan and Farley was a part of it.  I got some great stuff from her- it made me wish I taught an older grade, but I still was able to use her classroom signs- and they are HYSTERICAL and nothing but full of Farley-cuteness.

Anyway, here's my Currently:


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