Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Critter Is It???

In science class last week, we played a game called WHAT CRITTER IS IT????  **You have to say it in a deep, echo-ish, announcer voice to get the full effect...** 

Anyway, my kids went crazy over these magnifying glasses.  Have you ever heard of Modern Woodmen??  Our principal signed us up for a teacher activity kit- it's FREE!  And I'm so thankful!!

We've gotten so many supplies - and they all come with enough for each child to have one to keep.

We've gotten:
** pencils made from recycled denim and money
** jump ropes
** piggy banks
** magnifying glasses

The last one was what we used for this lesson.

OH- and each package comes with a nice binder of resources for you to use in the lessons... it's where the game "What Critter is it?" came from :)

Anyway- we played the game.  Teacher reads clues based on food, water, shelter of an animals.

Example:  Critter drinks dew drops found on plants.  Critter lives in a web.  Critter eats insects.

Answer?  You guess it- SPIDER!

Anyway- so after playing that game- we went outside with our magnifying glasses to find some critters of our own.  When they found a critter- they had to stand up and give us clues based on food, shelter, and water of the animal and we had to guess it.

Here's some pictures.

 The kids found a hole- and did you know that we have a fire breathing dragon living under our school??  That's what the kids thought lived in that hole anyway :)  **Being the science teacher, I had to be a Dream Squasher and tell them that it probably wasn't a dragon...**

They found everything... and when I mean everything... well, here's what I mean:
 Look a little closer....
A melted, squashed, ooey gooey mess of a left over green apple sucker.  BLECK!

So, check out Modern Woodmen- and see if you can get in contact with a rep near you to get your hands on some free supplies!

What's your favorite free teacher resource??


  1. I am in love with their uniforms!! I wish we would go to uniforms....I know that is off-topic- but I was distracted

    Going Nutty!

  2. I can tell that the kids were really into this activity! I live in a city with a large Modern Woodman business. Many years ago, we used to get lots of goodies from them for our school carnival each year. I kind of forgot about them being a resource. I will have to check into what they have to offer for schools. Thanks for sharing! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a message. I'm a newbie and appreciate comments:)


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