Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Exchange

So a fellow teacher that I work with suggest the idea of a book swap.  And I loved it!  Have you ever heard of it?

Here's the skinny:

* kids bring in books they don't want anymore
* they receive a ticket for each book they bring in
* all books are compiled into age appropriate tables (We picked Primary, Chapter, and Junior High)
* kids get to use the ticket to get a new-to-them book
* all unwanted books at the end of the swap are donated to the school's rummage sale
* best part?  It doesn't cost a thing!  FREE!!!!  Just a little bit of time on the part of the 4 of us putting it together- but I love those girls anyway- so it's like hanging out :)

A perfect way to get new books into the hands of kids during summer to keep them excited about reading!

Here's what I have for you today- in case you want to do this little activity at your school...

The signs labeling the tables.  All I'm going to do is print them out in color, glue them to a colorful piece of construction paper so that it's boarded and then laminate them for durability!

And the cute clip art?  Why- none other than the amazing Mrs. Carvitti.  She may not have all of the graphic fonts up yet or some of the tags I used, but she's workin' on it- and will get them up soon so you can grab your own copy!  Aren't they just cute?!?!

Anyway- I'm really excited.  Click HERE to grab your book table labels for free from Google Docs!  Let me know if you are able to use them!

We are hosting the book drop off next week and then the book exchange will be the following week.  We'll see how it goes!

Have you ever done a book swap or book exchange like this before?  Do you have any words of wisdom for us??

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  1. We had a book swap party at my house, and then I decided to have one at school.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Such a fun idea!! I might have to do it :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. This sounds like such a fun idea and a great way to get different books into the students' hands!
    Conversations in Literacy


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