Thursday, May 3, 2012

Word Wall

I'm linking up with Jen at The Teacher's Cauldron for a linky party about Word Walls.

But- first... a squirrel funny...

My Kinder today comes to me and says

Mrs. S. I've got a funny story for you

... OK, let's hear it.

What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino?

... Um, a really large animal that I wouldn't want to pick a fight with?

No.  (not amused by my answer)  You get a, oh, ell-if-I-know!!

... *blank stare, blink, blink... Do I laugh? (because it is funny, but that would just encourage it).  Do I say "Oh, we shouldn't tell jokes like that? (because that would squash his day... and really he has NO idea what he's saying sounds like "HELL IF I KNOW").  Instead...  I opt for "That's funny, hun, but please don't tell your friends, let's keep that joke just between me and you, OK?"

AN ELL-IF-I-KNOW??!!??  oh my word, that was probably the best joke I'd heard in a while- but so not school appropriate- it would fit more along the lines of Ellen's- Classic Joke Mondays  (Do you watch Ellen?  I'm still trying to figure out how to get her to ask me on the show- I'd love to be on her 12 Days of Giveaways at Christmas time- maybe she'll have a teacher show and invite me.  *a girl can dream, right?!*)

OK- back to my post- Linky Party-Word Wall- oh yeah:

Here's mine.  I wish I could tell you where I got the cute tags. It was a blog, but when I 'apple+I' the file on my computer (Mac users use those key commands to get info about the file) I get a website through Scribd- and when I go back to it to see the author it says it's been removed... so I'm sorry I can't lead you to where to find those fun little labels- but anywho- here's some pics of my word wall.

 Fun fact:  I got that cash register on the table below it for $2.00 at the Goodwill- and it WORKS!!!  The kids love it :)
 I just cut bulletin board border in 1/3 so the lines weren't so thick.

So there you have it- my Word Wall!  I ask my cadet teacher (from the local high school) to keep my words current- otherwise I find myself getting behind!

Link up!

What's your favorite Ellen segment??

I love her dance dares.  I wish I was pregnant so I can do the pregnant dance dare challenge she has issued for Mother's Day- hilarious!!



  1. When I was in the 2nd grade, my dad had a friend named Paul- I was UBER in love with Paul. He was so cute.
    Paul came to dinner one night.
    I wanted to tell Paul a joke I heard in the neighborhood.
    "Why does Peter Pan fly?"
    "I don't know, why?"
    "If someone hit you in the peter with a pan, you'd fly, too!"

    No idea what I was saying, at all!!

    Going Nutty!

  2. Haha I love it and Staci's too!


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