Friday, May 4, 2012

Currently and a heads up!

I haven't done a Currently in a while, so I think it's time to jump back on the wagon!!

I just found out, Farley and I share the same birthday month- and I don't know about you,  but I love having birthday and Mother's Day in the same month- because it means a bigger gift from the hubs!!  (and I'm with you Farley- if it sparkles it ain't bad!!)  Although the past couple of years, Ben has been very practical (at my suggestion....) for things for our house.  We just finished adding on to our house- and I was wanting things like a screen door or a pretty mirror for our living room...  Anyway- if you're interested, you can check out our house transformation here at my personal blog

 Anyway- here's my Currently, thanks Farley for hosting!

Oh- and I'm nearing 200 followers, and you JUST.WAIT.  You will flip out over who's joining me for this giveaway... I'll give you a hint...

 Recognize him???

Stay tuned for another hint in my next post!

Peace out friends!

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  1. Gavin DeGraw and Teacher Tipster! A winning combination for sure! :)


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