Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super Simple Symmetry

We are learning about symmetry in math class and we usually just paint on side of a paper and then fold the paper over to duplicate the painted picture to show symmetry.  Well we decided to do something different this year- and I think they turned out really cute!!!

Super Simple (which is what I like!)  Fold a piece of construction paper in half.  Cut, Snip, Trim to your little heart's desire.  Open, and viola- symmetry!  Glue the paper onto a different color piece of paper to make your symmetry pop!  Here are some samples:

Some even turned out cool- like this rocket ship!

There you have it! Super. Simple. Symmetry.
And, don't forget once I reach 200 followers, we'll get this groovy giveaway going.  Do you want more hints?

Since my post was about math, how about this addition problem as your hint for today:

What do you get when you add:



Living a Wonderful Life




EQUALS= ONE GROOVY GIVEAWAY!  So, pass the word along- and let's get to 200 and get this show on the road!!!


  1. Love the symmetry! Congrats on hitting 200!!!


  2. Congrats on reaching over 200 followers. What an accomplishment!!

  3. Congrats! 200 is my next goal! Now I am following you :)

  4. Love this symmetry idea!! So simple and fun. I'm excited you stopped by my blog today and joined the Mingle Blog Hop! I am always on the hunt for great teaching blogs and since I will have a Kindergartner next year, your ideas are going to be just perfect!


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