Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

The Groovy Giveaway is now over! :)  Thanks to all who joined in!!  A BIG thank you to Jennifer from Rowdy in First Grade, Bonnie from Living a Wonderful Life, and Dustin from Teacher Tipster for contributing to the giveaway prizes!

And the winner is....

Darlene- congrats.  I've e-mailed you!! :)

Oh- and I was asked to join in Mor's giveaway celebrating 1000 followers.  Wow!!  Way to go Mor!  Anyway, hop on over to A Teacher's Treasure to enter her HUGE giveaway!  (And I do mean- it's BIG BIG BIG!)

OK- it's early in the  morning, so there is nothing teacher-y on this post, but I promise tomorrow will be another story!  It'll include a freebie on the story It Looked Like Spilt Milk.  So, stay tuned!!

And for some extra reading- check out my Summer Bucket List.

Conferences start this afternoon- wish me luck! :)


  1. Sorry I missed your giveaway but I was sent here by A Teacher's Treasure to say hi.
    First Class Teacher

  2. Well, first...how did I miss this giveaway? I hate, HATE hate that end of the year busy-ness is getting in the way of my blogging. BOOOOOOO! Congrats on such a successful giveaway and for kickin' it up to the "next level" in terms of followers!!!!!

    woot woot!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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