Monday, November 26, 2012

Teacher Created Resources- $25 GIVEAWAY!!

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to test-drive some of Teacher Created Resources books.  Let me tell you- I am so happy with their products and can't wait to tell you about them (and give you the chance to win some of your own!!)

OK- so let's dive right in:

Here's one of the books I received :  Shapes and Sizes.

This book is small, but mighty!  It's only 43 pages long, but it's jam-packed full of resources.  It starts out as easy as tracing shapes, moving into identifying shapes in real-life objects and asking students to read/recognize/write the shape word.  It also addresses size comparisons.  It really is the best supplemental material book I've found.  It's so easy to introduce the concept, give the students some hands-on practice, and then use this book to check for understanding or assessment. 

 As you can see from this sample page below, it's very Kinder/student friendly- so I don't have to worry about the kids getting lost or confused when doing this activity individually.

 The other book I received, which was my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!, is called Kindergarten Success.  It's the cat's meow (where on earth did that phrase even come from, anyone know?!?!)
Anyway, it's amazing.  Simply, ah-may-ZING.  :)
It's a standards-based skills review book for all subject areas.  This baby is 192 pages of pure teacher heaven.  Let's say I just finished teaching a unit on weather.  I need a closing activity/check for understanding/assessment to make sure my kids 'got it.'  This book had my answer!  I thumb through the pages and see the labels in the top right hand corner of every page until I see "Weather."  I stop, check to see what's on it, find the one I like best (who am I kidding, I liked them all!), make copies, and bam- my kids are showing me that they mastered the unit on weather and we move on to plants.  I'm a hands-on, visual, get dirty teacher... but sometimes a worksheet is just what the dr. ordered, especially when you are wrapping up a unit and ready to take a grade.  This book is full of those types of resources for all subject areas- language arts, math, social studies, and science.  And, the kids really like it when you let them use colored pencils or markers to do the activity (which was an idea they mentioned at the front of the book!) Genius!  :)

 Here are some sample pages from the Success book.


Social Studies


Language Arts
So, here's my review:

- the pages are perforated, so they can be easily torn out if you need to make a quick copy
- easy to read, student friendly
- answer keys are in the back
- created by teachers for teachers- so they know just what we need!
- very handy tool to keep on hand for a substitute in a pinch
- very cost-efficient
- on the website, you can download sample pages to see if you are going to like the book before making a purchase - so do that now to get some awesome freebies!!!!

- I wish the pages had a line for the student's name

Only 1 con means these books are so worth checking into!  :)  I was given the privilege of reviewing these products, and now it's your turn!  Teacher Created has given a generous $25 for the winner to spend on any Teacher Created materials!  So, enter now!

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