Sunday, December 1, 2013

Math Remediation, Progressive Anchor Charts, and a Freebie, OH MY!

Being a K-6 math remediation teacher, I have lots of students and lots of curriculum to keep straight.  I wanted a place in my classroom where students could look for resources and a place where I could see, at a glance, what skill each grade level was working on...

I came up with a progressive anchor chart of sorts...

I made K-6 grade signs and glued 1" ribbon to the back.  Then, I glued mini clothes pins to the ribbon. 

I hang anchor charts or work mats on the ribbons based on grade level.  It's a quick reference of what the kiddos are working on at each grade level for me, and it's a nice reminder for the kids when they enter my room.

I used  a combination of my own anchor charts and math resource signs I've created and ones I've found from great teachers online!  More on that in another post another day!

There you have it!  You can print my grade level signs here if you'd like to use them in your own classroom.  Have a great one!

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