Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Synonym Rolls

I was given the opportunity to use one of Deb's craftivities in my classroom the other day... and boy was it fun!  Deb's blog is Crafting Connections, be sure to check her out!  She has TONS of craftivities... AND tons of giveaway opportunities... so be sure to stop by.

Anyway... back to my classroom... We were working on synonyms and Deb's craftivity of Cinnamon Synonym Rolls was a hit (cute play on words, right??).  The kids had a great time doing this.  One girl even said, "Mrs. Schutte, can we do craftivities more often??"

Here are some pictures of the fun they had: 
They had to cut out the cinnamon roll that had words already written on them.  They glued them to a gray sheet of paper to be their baking sheet.
Then, the kids had to cut out icing to put on their cinnamon rolls... because, hey... what's a cinnamon roll without icing?!?!?!  Right?!?!  :)

We had to write a synonym for the word on the icing.  Now, Deb had in the directions to do the practice sheet first, but I wanted to see my kids creativity... so I had them think of their own synonym first, and then we did the included worksheet as a wrap-up.

Craftivity... Mission Accomplished!  Thanks Deb for the opportunity to test out your product.  My students give it 2 thumbs up!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. They turned out so cute, Staci! I love the silver construction paper so that it looks like a baking sheet! And I love the "Homemade by ___" line. I will be doing this with this year's group of third graders in January, and I will definitely have my students make theirs like this! Thank you again for testing this craftivity!

  2. Sooo cute!! Looks like enjoyable activity.

  3. What a very cute idea! Deb Hanson has the best craftivities! Thanks for showcasing this one!

  4. Every time I see this post, I think of cinnamon rolls! I have to do this!! IT makes me giggle and I know my students will be so engaged.



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