Wednesday, February 19, 2014

3rd Grade iPad Apps

I have 2 iPads and 3 iPods in my classroom.  The students LOVE using them... and I am embracing the techie world and giving the students the opportunity to use them in class.  Since I don't have one for each student, I only allow them to use them during centers, before school, or as an "I'm done, now what?" activity.  Many of my parents are asking what apps I use in the classroom so they can also put them on their own personal devices for the students to play at home.  So, I put together this list for them, and I'm sharing it with you...

Some of them are PAID Apps, but there are often times "Lite" versions you can use for free.  These are student tested, and teacher (ME!) approved.  The kids love them, and I think they are a great way to get technology in the hands of my students!

If you'd like an editable version of this, so you can put your name at the top and share it with your classroom parents, just e-mail me:    and I will be happy to send you the editable version!


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