Monday, January 16, 2012

A day in my shoes...

Well, I lied.  I told you next time I posted... it would be about literacy centers.  sorry to disappoint, but I'm pretty sure you'll be OK with it... because I'm linking up with Miss Katie from The Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher for her linky party...
Thanks Katie for this awesome idea... I love reading about what everyone else's day is like.

Here's mine: and I'm gonna focus on MONDAY :)

5:40... alarm goes off...  I listen.
5:45... jump (my husband says I shouldn't jump... I'm gonna hurt myself one of these days) in the shower.
6:00... wake, dress, and feed my 2 boys.  (hubs helps with this, so I'm not flying solo...)
6:30... give hugs and kisses to Ben, Wade, and Henry (my husband takes them to the sitters, it's so nice to have the house to myself for 30 min. to finish getting ready)
6:31... grab a bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheat, blow out my hair, pretend to style it, listen to the past days Y&R as I do all of this
7:00... head for school
7:28... (Yes, I live 28 minutes away from my school... I hate the commute, but I love my school.) Arrive.
7:30... kids start coming in (and I'm sooo sooo sooooooo jealous of you teachers who don't have kids until 8:00 or even 8:30!!!)
8:00... Reading/Literacy Centers
9:10... Math
9:40... Religion (I teach at a Private School)
9:55... Specials (Music on Mondays)
10:35... Gather my kids from specials
10:45... 1/2 day dismissal (I have 4 kids that leave.)
11:00... lunch (it's so early!!!)
11:25... recess (Monday's I have duty.. yuck)
12:00... science (I love science!!!  The experiments are the BEST!)
12:30... science again (to my teaching partner's kids... she teaches social studies)
1:00... snack
1:25... recess (no duty on Monday!)
1:55... quiet time
2:15... centers
3:10 dismissal (I do bus duty...)
3:30 leave school
4:00 pick up my boys from the sitter and (if it's a nice day) we go to the park
5:00 dinner
6:00 Henry's Toddler time at the library
6:30 Wade's story time at the library
7:00 head home
7:30 watch Wild Kratts with the boys
8:00 put boys to bed
8:10 put on my running shoes and do the treadmill thing while I watch Pretty Little Liars or The Bachelor or Ellen or Y&R or Big Brother or The Amazing Race or Kortney and Kim Take NY or any other show I happen to be obsessed with at that moment.
9:00 shower
9:30 bed

Ok- I think it probably took you an entire day just to read my outline... sheesh, I just noticed... I even stopped putting the ... after the time because I was getting tired of writing it! haha.  Now that's it IS a Monday, you know that in an hour I have to be at the library with my kiddos for story time- so that's where I am!

Thanks for reading! :) and leave me some comments!  how far do YOU live from school?? 


  1. I like to watch TV while exercising, too. Makes the time go by faster!!! :)
    Seems like a long day!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. I lived ten minutes from my school...until they changed the stop sign to a stoplight! And now it's like twelve. Unless I remember to do a sneaky back-street thing.

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  4. Yikes, you are one busy, busy girl. You got tired writing it..I can only imagine how tired it is LIVING it...wait,our lives are pretty similar...yes I can. Boys keep us on our toes, don't they!??!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  5. So glad you linked up! That is a jam packed day!

    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher


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